Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

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Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal: Ahmad Ibn Hanbal was a famous Islamic Scholar. He was also an Islamic law and Hadith expert. Ahmad Ibn Hanbal was established by Hanbali Madhhab. Sunni Muslims divided into four madhhabs. And Habali madhhab one of them. In many countries, Muslims are following his Figh.

Full Name: Ahmad bin Muhammad Ibn Hanbal bin Hilal bin Assad bin Idris. But he is known as Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.

Nickname: Abu Abdullah.

Title: Sheikh ul-Islam.

Born: 780 CE or 168 AH. Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate.

Death: 855 CE or 241 AH. Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate.

Father’s Name: Muhammad Ibn Hanbal.

Religion: Islam.

Era: Islamic Golden Age.

First Life: Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s family has belonged to the Arab Banu Shayban tribe. Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s father’s name is Muhammad Ibn Hanbal. His father was an officer in the Abbasid Army in Khurasan. Later settled with his family in Baghdad. Ahmad Ibn Hanbal was born in Baghdad in 780 CE.

Education: Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal became focused on education at a younger age. He was very talented from a small age. He easily memorized a lot of things. After learning education from all the scholars of Baghdad, he visited for education in different areas. He traveled to Kufa, Basra, Macca, Taratus, Madinah, Damascus, Yaman, and Egypt to take education.

List of his Teachers: Imam Az-Zahabi Said; the number of teachers who accept the hadiths of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal from the book “Musnad Ahmad” is 283. He also has a large number of teachers on various subjects in his life.

  • Yaqub Ibn Ibrahim al-Ansari. He was a student of Imam Abu Hanifa.
  • Imam Sufyan bin Uyanah.
  • Imam Waqi bin al-Jarrah.
  • Imam Muhammad bin Idris Ashshafei.
  • Imam Abdur Razzak As Sunani.
  • Imam Qutaiba bin Saeed.
  • Imam Ali Ibnul Madini.
  • Imam Ibnu Abi Shaiba. and many more.

List of his students: There were a number of students. The name of his significant students is:

  • Imam Muhammad bin Isma’il Al Bukhari.
  • Imam Muslim bin Hajjaj al-Qushiasi.
  • Imam Abu Daud As Sajistani.
  • Imam Abu Isa.
  • Imam Abu Abdur Rahman.
  • Imam Sali bin Ahmed Ibn Hanbal.
  • Imam Abdullah bin Ahmed¬† Ibn Hanbal.

List of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s Books: Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal writes the most book among the famous four Imams. His written hadith book “Musnad” is all famous.

  • Hadith book “Al Musnad” (hadith number of 40,000).
  • Kitab al Masa’il.
  • Kitab al Fara’id.
  • Kitab al-Iman.
  • Kitab al Munasik.
  • Usool as-Sunnah.
  • Kitab al Ashribah.
  • As-Sunnah. and many more.

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