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Introduction: Plato was a famous Greek Ancient Philosopher. Plato is known as a mathematician and a philosopher. He was a student of Socrates. And he was a teacher of Aristotle. He founded the first institution of higher learning in the western world. It was the Academy of Athens.

Born: 428/427 BC. Athens, Greek.

Death: 348/347 BC. Athens, Greek.

Father: Ariston.

Mother: Perictione.

First Life: Plato was born to a rich family. He was a very talented man. He was a good disciple of Socrates. Plato learned from many teachers. The music learned to someone. Art to someone. The literature of someone taught. But he was deeply connected to Socrates. At the age of 20, he has joined Socrates as a disciple. Plato was Socrates’s constant companion in the moment of danger. After the death of Socrates, he has left Athens. He traveled to many countries. Plato was traveled in Italy, Sicily, Egypt, and Cyrene. And meet many Scholars. He spends 10 years of his life as a tourist. After 10 years he went to Athens.

Maid Life: When he comes to Athens, many students cames under his studies. Socrates taught his student in an open place. But Plato did not agree with this system. He creates the first Academy in his house. And started taught his students in his heard. He loves to learn and teach. He trying to established Athens as an Ideal State. But a Philosopher thinking doesn’t match state leaders. Then he created his famous book Republic. In this book, in the form of an Ideal State.

End Life: Actually there was no discipline of Philosophy before Plato. He has established a stronger stage of Philosophy. Plato was the innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic form in Philosophy. Plato is also considered the founder of Western Political Philosophy. He believed that there is no dictatorial place in the State Power. The existence of the State is not only for the possession of life. As long as people are alive, he will live the best life. Plato to the woman was deep respect. He believed in liberal policies about their education. Plato of music was a deep attraction. He believed that music is full of human life. He was heard working on his writing books.

His Books List:

  • Republic.
  • Crito.
  • Apology.
  • Laches.
  • Euthyphron.
  • Lon.
  • Protagoras.
  • Charmydes.
  • Lysis.
  • Gorgias.
  • Meno.
  • Cratylus.
  • Euthydemus.
  • Phaedo.
  • Phaedrus.
  • Theaetetus.
  • Parmenides.
  • Shophist.
  • Philebus.
  • Timaeus.
  • Laws.

Death: One day Plato’s friend invited his son’s marriage. He went out in a while he became tired. Going to the next room and started to rest. Plato fell asleep and his sleep is the last sleep in his life. He will not break sleep in any human being in the world.


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